Since 2003, a Whanganui group of volunteers have provided continuous support to the New Zealand Opera School.  Their work has contributed to the events popularly known as WOW or Whanganui Opera Week. Through their partnership with the New Zealand Opera School they have fostered valuable links between School, the students, the audience and the sponsors.

This contribution has been greatly appreciated by the administration of the School. Each member of the WOW committee who have done so much over the years and retired from the committee have, at an evening function in the Red Lion Inn, been honoured as Ambassadors of the New Zealand Opera School.  We presented them with a lapel badge indicating Ambassador of the New Zealand Opera School. 

Certain privileges have been awarded to Ambassadors who are: 

Beverley Kirkwood

Dougal McIntosh

Pat Cunniffe

Pauline Calverley

Ian Kirk

Eric Hart

Jaquie McGowan